• Welcome to Kreativ Chembiz

    Welcome to Kreativ Chembiz

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    Chemical / Fine Chemicals

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    Specialty molecules

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    API Intermediates

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Welcome to Kreativ Chembiz

Kreativ Chembiz has been offering its services & products to the industry for past more than 7 years of its existence. We offer a wide range of products and services under our umbrella, by means of sourcing, importing and also on our brand of Chemicals, Intermediates & Specialty molecules.

We maintain a strong relationship with our suppliers to ensure timely supply of the products in desired quality & quantity, across the globe. We partner with our suppliers, the way we partner with our customers in rendering our attentive services. We add value to the vendor-buyer relation by offering the services of a dedicated team having a single minded focus to offer the best of services to achieve customer satisfaction.

We are delighted to offer you a wide range of products as enclosed herewith, so that you would consider Kreativ Chembiz as your preferred sourcing partner.

Kreativ Chembiz is proud to bring to your notice that we consider each and every success of our customers as our privilege.
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